Best States for Retirement

Gone are the times of Florida being the sole retirement destination in the U.S. Sure, it is nice to leave frosty winters and feel that famous Florida weather, but beach weather is not the only thing retirees are looking for in modern times. They also want a place where they can life off their retirement eggs and maintain a great quality of life.

Ohio may have a reputation for cornfields for miles, but there are plenty of hidden locales in this Midwest state. In downtown Columbus, retirees can stroll the cobblestone streets, lined with restaurants, boutiques and sporting events.

Retirees who want to relax in warm weather will be drawn to Arizona’s arid climate. The state scored among the highest in the country for pleasant weather, and it comes as no surprise that there is rarely a cloud in the sky. On average, Yuma sees sunshine 90% of the year, while Phoenix and Tucson see rays 85% of the time.

It is no shocker that Colorado has some of the best atmosphere in the country, the 3rd best, in fact. The state sees tons of sunshine and little humidity, particularly in cities such as Denver, which enjoys more than 300 days of sun a year. In January, the average high in the city is 47 degrees and the low is 16. By March, the average high increases to 56 degrees and the low reaches 25.


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